As a business, one of your most important digital assets is your website. It’s your companies virtual real estate. An extension of your brand. Your online shop front. How it looks, navigates, the user experience all adds to your companies professional reputation.

We all know the importance of a businesses reputation so it always baffles me why so many people neglect their assets. You would never neglect your customers so why ignore your website? In this post, I will give you some strategies to boost the presence of your website and increase the number of leads it generates.

your website sucks and unfortunately you dont realize it yet

Make Sure its Mobile Optimized

This is very important which is why I mention this first. Understanding that 99% of people have a smartphone in their pockets, gives you an idea of how portable searching for information has become.

Having an old 1990’s website that is all left aligned, with flashy images and horrendous color matches is a huge turn off for customers.

most-ugly-websites-01In the example, above you can see how it lacks any form of professionalism. This site was made as an example of what not to do. Nothing aesthetically pleasing about this abomination at all. You would be shocked to know that there are still sites out there that look like this.

If you’re not sure if your site is mobile optimized then visit this site and enter your website address. My advice to you would be to fix this as soon as possible.

If you have the knowledge to do this yourself, awesome you can get started straight away. If you don’t know how to then I would suggest contacting a web design agency. This is the best approach because this is their expertise and you will get the best result.

Improve User Experience

If your site is difficult to navigate it will turn a lot of people away. Without a clear path to follow, visitors can become frustrated and they will leave.

This will also hurt your ranking when someone leaves your site without visiting any other pages, it gives a negative signal to Google, implying that your site did not answer the question of the searcher.

When someone lands on your site you need to be able to:

  • Establish what your company is about
  • Guide them to the knowledge they’re seeking
  • Have a strong call to action

All this ideally needs to be done above the fold. If you have not heard the phrase “above the fold”, it means what a visitor sees without scrolling down. Here are a couple tips on how to improve UX:

Better Headlines

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, having strong headlines will make the reader take action, compel them to click somewhere and / or read the content.

Here is an awesome article from Income Diary on crafting fantastic headlines.

Clever Imagery

Where you place an image is just as important as the kind of images you use. I always suggest that you use unique images. Our smartphones have fantastic cameras and we should be using them.

An image taken from your phone will have a Geolocation tag, this means that when someone is searching on their phone from a certain location if it matches your image, you will show in the results.

Make sure you always brand your images because the images will appear in search results and if you have your website / brand watermark on the image it can drive traffic back to you.

I also recommend keeping image colors in line with your branding. There are color wheels out there that can help you match colors better.

Navigation / Menus

Having the right links at the top of your site can make a huge difference. People don’t want to click 100 times to get the information they’re looking for so it’s important to have a clear path for them to follow. Knowing your customers and the common things they’re looking for definitely helps align yourself as the answer.

We have all been to those government sites where its almost impossible to find what you’re looking for. I feel sorry for those students who are applying for student loans, you almost need to have a qualification on how to navigate through the site!

You Need More Content

If you aren’t posting new content on a regular basis then your site will most likely be stale. If a potential client visits your site and sees a wasteland that time forgot, how will this change their perception of you / your company?

People love to see activity. It lets them know that your business is thriving, moving and evolving to suit the needs of the market. An active business is a busy one!

Google likes to see activity too so having a regular publishing schedule will have additional ranking benefits. It grows your authority, adds relevance and keeps things fresh. All factors Google looks at when determining where you rank.

The industry you are in will determine your posting frequency. All you need to do is look at what some of your competitors are doing. If they’re doing nothing *insert evil laugh* then do not hesitate in starting. Grab that edge and run with it.

I will say that posting at least once per week is the minimum. If your site has a blog, write the post there and share it on social media. If you don’t have a blog then get one as soon as possible. Just make sure that it is branded exactly the same as your company. It is an extension of your brand after all.

Don’t use a free blogging platform (like blogger, weebly etc) because you don’t have the control of the asset. Instead, add a blog to your current website. This way you always remain in control of the platform.

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My name is Beau Michaels and I am the owner BlackBeech. We are a New Zealand based Web Solutions company currently working out of Blenheim, Marlborough. It is our goal to offer businesses the opportunity to harness the power of the internet and incorporate this form of marketing into their new and existing business.