Initially, last weeks post wasn’t going to be turned into a 2 part rant fest. Being told your website sucks once is generally enough. But I received an email yesterday from the local chamber of commerce that compelled me to write this post and add it to last week’s article: Your Website Sucks! Here’s Why


Your Website Sucks And Here’s Why Part 2

If you read last weeks post I pointed out the importance of having a website for your business / project. Not only is it a digital asset and increases your businesses overall worth, it also extends your marketing range, reinforces your brand and increases your authority in the industry.

You need to see your site as an additional shop front. Every visitor who clicks your link visits your site is the same as a person who walks in your physical shop door.

It makes sense for your site to be the same quality as your shop front. We all know the importance of first impressions, so your site needs to reflect the same level of professionalism your physical location has.

For this reason, you need to make sure your website does NOT suck. Unfortunately, the email I received from the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, which for the record was not published by them, talked about building your own website.

This, I feel is very reckless and since for most of us, business is our livelihood, I needed to address this.

Reason: Building a Website For Free

It can seem like a good move to build your company site on a free platform. There are many to choose from and while they look ok (to the eye), There is one major downfall when doing this.

You Don’t Control the Asset

If you built your site on one of these free platforms (weebly, Tumblr, blogger for example), you have no way of controlling the site.

What if you built your site on Weebly and for whatever reason, they terminate your account you have no leg to stand on. All that work, the content, the images, the videos, the time you spent on building your site is gone.

If you wanted to sell your business then you don’t really have a site to sell because you don’t own it. It just doesn’t make sense to cap your income potential like this, only to save a couple bucks.

Reason: Building Your Own Site

A website is a business expense and a necessary one at that.

Yes, you could, in theory, build your own site but you have to ask yourself if this (building your own site) is the best use of your time? You could learn how to design your own site but it would be safe to assume that you actually make money by providing the service / product, not designing websites.

Here are some reasons why I advise you not to go down this route

Mediocre Result

People study web design for a reason. It takes skill to create a modern website that converts well. If a site doesn’t convert visitors into buyers then it’s basically useless. You can have all the traffic in the world but if no one buys its worth nothing.

You wouldn’t do your own dental work so why would you try to build a professional website?

While it may look good to you on the surface, there is a lot more to designing a professional website than just looks. You have to consider:

  • User experience / Layout
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Conversion
  • Typography
  • Security
  • Site speed and performance

Things start to get very technical which is why I suggest you pay the professionals and leverage their expertise. Get the job done right and get the best value for your money.

The Cost

Gone are the days of having to pay multiple thousands for a website. Unless you’re building a large e-commerce store, a simple 3 – 5-page website will do for the majority of businesses and will only cost between $500 – $1000.

Remembering that this is an asset that adds value to your business. As the website continues to age, the value increases.

By Alex E. Proimos

By Alex E. Proimos

The thing that made me laugh about the email is that it was for a course on how to build your own website, and it was going to cost $395 + G.S.T.

Note: I deleted the email but I’m sure it was $395

You might as well pay a professional to do the site for $50 more! You would get a professional design that will generate more traffic, convert more visitors into buyers, and actually increase your revenue.

Why spend 10+ hours to learn how to produce a website that would be mediocre at best? Why not spend 10 hours actually working in your business, where you make the most money.

The Solution

Remove the mentality that you need to do and master everything yourself. This is actually hurting your business and limiting its growth.

You’re far better off delegating this task to a professional. Minimizing the time it takes to learn yourself. Time is money!

If you have the time to learn, by all means, give it a go, but make sure the source you’re learning from has skill in this department. You can do this by checking out their own site and any client sites they have completed.

If their site’s terrible, then following their instruction, your’s will be too! (it’s like taking financial advice from someone who’s broke)

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