It’s the time of year when marketers of all shapes and sizes try to get some much-needed rest and relaxation, and a lot of family fun and camaraderie. That is usually not the case, however, as December is considered a critical month for them as well. It can be hectic, stressful and there is really just no rest.

It should be the time to take stock of what the year has brought. If you are too busy to come up with online ideas for your blog or newsletter, here are some ideas from a Top Rank Marketing Blog by Caitlin Burgess.

8 Holiday Content Ideas for Busy Marketers

“Recap interesting industry news items from the past year.

“The holiday season is a time of reflection. So why not give your audience a little reminder of the interesting, strange or even controversial industry news items that made headlines in the past year?

“TechCrunch recently published a piece on the top biotech stories of the year in a unique timeline format. Upfront it provides a high-level view of what’s to come and then invites readers to “strap in” for a ride down memory lane.”

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The above advice is to recap, which means that you are giving a short summary of major points discussed during the year. There may be a lot of things written about, but some of them would have resolved on their own, while others have not yet been resolved or have not yet happened. Either way, just outline those things which have come true or had a great impact on the year.

Just in time for the holidays, you might want to run a contest or a survey with a prize. The following article from written by Wendy Keller presents a case of how to run a campaign with minimal costs to you, and big returns for your followers. The article is an excerpt from the book by Wendy Keller.

How a Contest of Giveaway Can Attract Business Prospects

“The main reason businesses do “contests” (which is the word I’ll use for the whole shebang in this article) is because it attracts a flood of new customers. The more people who know about your contest, the more people who know about your business. A percentage of those who find out about your business in this way will be interested in finding out more, even if they didn’t win a prize.

“The net effect of these kinds of big, splashy things is that it makes you more memorable, as someone who does interesting, refreshing things in your industry. The process itself is easily replicated and modified once learned, and it’ll give you a quick marketing strategy you can keep in your back pocket when you need to refresh public awareness that you and your business exist.”

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The above ideas are practically grassroots in nature. However, everyone can benefit from being reminded of them. At some point in time, you would want to run a campaign, and every help you can get would be a step towards success.

Not all online marketers have business degrees. It would help a lot, but it does not assure success for those running a small business. In some ways, an MBA brings blinders to the business degree holders as it creates an air of knowing their way around their industry. There are some things which business school does not teach. One of them is giving. This is especially true in content marketing where a lot of the materials are free. This article by Danny Iny is an eye-opener. As far as entrepreneurship is concerned, MBAs do have a blind spot.

3 Marketing Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School

“Business schools don’t teach about giving unless perhaps it’s part of the corporate social responsibility. Even then, it’s within the context of public relations, which has its own expected returns in the form of exposure and a positive reputation.

“I’ve learned that radical giving–giving generously without hope of reciprocation–is truly rewarding. But not in a quid pro quo way. The returns are subtle and indirect.

“For example, in marketing, you can publish helpful bits of information to the public. Some of them will choose to follow your brand as a result of this, but others won’t. Some of the people who find your content will become your customers, but others will not. Either way is okay with you because you truly want to serve your audience.”

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The end of the year can be a good source of ideas for marketing. This is seasonal at the same time evergreen. Getting the hang of marketing can take a while, but as long as you understand that a large part of getting people to follow you is to give them free, relevant, timely, informative and pertinent content, then the online marketer should be doing well.


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