There’s not a lot of debate in the marketing industry when it comes to one thing: content is where it’s at. It provides an outlet for useful information for consumers and promotes a business without investing lots of money in advertisements. If you haven’t added Content Marketing to your overall marketing strategy, contact us now to discuss your requirements.

the importance of content marketing and why you need to be doing it

Content marketing provides a more discreet push to buy from your store or website. Rather than ads, which it’s safe to say most people don’t like and generally ignore or even block, content gives your customers valuable information that benefits them.

From, Julia McCoy describes the differences between advertising and content marketing and why content marketing is a better option overall for everyone involved:

Why Content Marketing Isn’t an Overnight Success

In a world where more than 200 million people are using ad blocking software, and virtually every television set allows us to skip commercials, it’s getting tougher and tougher for brands to reach clients. Luckily, content marketing offers what is practically the only surefire way to get into their heads and their pocketbooks.

While it’s true that consumers don’t want to interact with invasive, obnoxious ads on their screens, they do want value, and they want information.

Content marketing is successful because it gives them both of these things, and it doesn’t immediately ask for anything in return.

Instead of hard-selling clients or trying to force them into purchasing something in a kitschy, sleazy way, content marketing supplies people with relevant, informative, quality content on the topics they’re interested in learning.

In this way, it boosts conversions, encourages traffic (leaders in content marketing enjoy 7.8x more site traffic than non-leaders), and helps customers develop a real and lasting relationship with your brand.

If its success rate weren’t enough to make virtually everyone fall in love, content marketing is also drastically less expensive than traditional marketing. While it costs about 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates three times the leads.

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content-marketing-facts-585x428So now we have a fair idea of why content marketing is so great, it’s time to look at some of the finer details of content marketing.

It’s important to be providing useful and relevant information for consumers, and it also needs to be well-written and attractive to look at in order to keep them coming back for more.

When it comes to regularly putting out content, it can be tricky to think up and write out articles or blog posts that fulfill the wants of your customers, but it’s not impossible.

Michael Brenner from Marketing Insider Group briefly explains how to get relevant information to your customers:

8 Tips to Up Your Content Marketing Game

Content marketing is about listening to your customers’ needs and delivering valuable and relevant information that meets those needs.

You want to take time to research all the channels and platforms your customers are spending their time and find out what they’re talking about and searching for. These could include blogs, social media, discussion forums and review sites, just to name a few.

Content discovery and monitoring tools like Buzzsumo can help you research and discover which topics are trending and resonates well with your target audience.

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Relevance and usefulness are vital when putting out content. If consumers think you’re not a particularly useful or helpful site, they’re not going to come back or share your articles.

Keeping customers interested can be tricky but it is absolutely important. Aaron Agius from describes how much easier it is to keep customers than it is to get new ones, and how this information is important:

Using Content Marketing to Drive Customer Delight

According to research shared by Harvard Business Review, it costs significantly more to acquire new customers than it does to retain the customers you currently have — up to 25x more, in fact. If the majority of your focus is on acquisition, then you’ll risk neglecting the happiness of your current customers.

Depending on your business model, the lifetime value of a customer could be exponentially higher than the initial sale. Due to the low cost of execution and deployment, it makes sense to shift your content marketing strategy to focus on providing more value to your existing customers. Delight them and their lifetime value can grow considerably.

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Content marketing is not only the marketing of the future but is the marketing of now. It’s not hard to do but provides steady results and for a relatively low cost in both budget and time.


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