The internet has rapidly become the best place to advertise and promote your business, especially considering 2015 survey revealed that 89% of US adults report using the internet at least occasionally. If your site is not mobile-friendly then you better fix this now!

a mobile friendly website is more important than you think

Smartphones in the World Today

In July this year yet another digital media milestone was reached: 50% of all time people in the USA spend online is now on apps on their smartphones.

According to comScore MMX® Multi-Platform and comScore Mobile Metrix® smartphones account for a whopping 57% of all digital media time, 7% of that on the web and not through an app. When you add in the 11% of time spent on tablets, that means mobile devices are used for 68% of time spent online.

In fact, considering these statistics, there’s a good chance you’re viewing this website on your mobile device.

When promoting your business, there’s nothing more important than ensuring your message reaches your target audience. After all, if you aren’t maximizing the amount of potential customers viewing your advertisements or website, then you aren’t getting the full amount of customers you could be.

How Does This Fit Into Your Business?

You as a business want to reach as many people as possible. Mobile devices are now what most people spend their time online using, and so it’s vital you can get to these people.

Smartphones are cheaper than desktops and laptops to buy and use. They can be tucked away into someone’s pocket and taken everywhere. With them, people make calls, connect on social media, keep up with the news, read books, and otherwise traverse the interweb.

If someone taps a link to your website while scrolling through their Facebook timeline, you need your site to open quickly, look nice and run well. No bored person flicking through links while they’re riding a bus to work is going to put up with a poor mobile site.

This could be a future customer you have just lost because your site didn’t work well on their phone. They’ll close the link and carry on through their feed, and you will miss the chance to make yourself memorable to them.

So What Can You Do?

The answer is simple: ensure that you have a mobile-friendly site that is attractive, and has all (or as many as possible) of the features available on your desktop site. When creating this site, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure the pages don’t take too long to load up
  • Don’t have too many images
  • Don’t flood pages with ads
  • Make sure it’s eye-catching
  • Keep everything easily accessible
  • Have a place where users can report any problems they are having on your mobile site

It’s no longer a case of having a mobile site to complement your desktop site, but the other way around. If possible you could even consider setting up an app for your business.

The success of any business relies on those who run it having the ability to adapt to fit the world as it changes. In the current world, smartphones are becoming more and more central to our lives, and a business who can accommodate to that will attract many more customers.

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My name is Beau Michaels and I am the owner BlackBeech. We are a New Zealand based Web Solutions company currently working out of Blenheim, Marlborough. It is our goal to offer businesses the opportunity to harness the power of the internet and incorporate this form of marketing into their new and existing business.