They’re fairly well-known, but few businesses actually use them in their marketing strategy – which is a huge mistake. The market for podcasts is large and growing, and here’s why.

what is a podcast and how do they work?

The term is a little strange when you think about it, “podcast”. While they’re not new they’re also not old, and their origin is still very relevant. Tushar Sharma from gives this brilliantly simple yet in-depth explanation of both the meaning and history of the word:

What is a Podcast

The word “podcasting” derived from the combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”. iPod, as you might already know, is a portable audio player produced by Apple Inc. Apple first coined the word “podcast” for portable audio files that could be played through their iPods. The word podcasting has been stuck since then.

A podcast is simply an audio file that you can listen to on your music device. Originally podcasting was intended only for Apple iPods. But today, you can listen to podcasts on your computer with some music software such as Windows built-in Media Player or iTunes for mac (which has a podcast library), or your smartphone, or even in your car.

It really doesn’t matter, as long as you have some way to play music on your device, you will be able to listen to podcasts.

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So now we’ve brushed up on our terminology, let’s explore why podcasting is so useful for marketing and how to begin.

In the end, marketing comes down to one thing: convincing people that the product/service you can provide will benefit them. If you aren’t reaching as many people as you could be with your current marketing strategy, it’s time to branch out.

Everyone is different and unique, and we all absorb information a little differently. One type of learning is auditory learning, and around 30% of people learn in this way. This means that while the majority of people learn from reading, auditory learners learn from listening and hearing information.

Kelsey Jones from tells us about auditory listeners and other people who you can reach with a podcast that might not otherwise even know you exist:

5 Powerful Ways Podcasts Energize Your Marketing Playlist

While your written and visual content can be top notch, opening up your content to auditory learners can help you reach a new audience.

In addition to different learning styles, listening to podcasts instead of reading content is also a lifestyle preference. Many people listen to podcasts while exercising, driving, or even doing household chores.

It’s an alternative to music or TV that allows them to sharpen their skills or keep their mind off the physical task at hand. Aim to make your podcasts an “escape” for your listeners.

What is the most interesting and important information they need to know, and how can you provide it in a fun and engaging way?

Just like the radio, podcast audiences love hosts they feel like they know. Take full advantage of this: Allow podcasts to humanize your company and increase the time your target audience spends absorbing your content.

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Once you’ve decided a podcast could be a good move, there’s the matter of getting started. Everything these days has a way of being much more complicated than you thought it would be.uckily this image from explains everything you need to do from start to finish.

Luckily this image from explains everything you need to do from start to finish:


Invest in some good quality recording equipment, make a plan and you’re good to go! Best of luck with your podcast endeavor.


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