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Custom Designs

We will work along side you to create a modern, custom design. All of our websites are mobile friendly and look wonderful on all devices.


Wanting to sell directly from your site? Our E-commerce solutions will have you making money in no time. It has never been easier to start your own online shop.


Converting traffic into buyers is the key. Our designs convert watchers into buyers, making your website a lead generating, digital asset.


If you want us to, we can manage your website for you so you can focus on growing your business.  If you want more hands-on, full training will be provided.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

With the majority of online searches being done via smartphone, it is crucially important to have a website that’s mobile responsive. If your site isn’t mobile ready then your visitors will become frustrated, leave and never return, hurting your reputation and income. However, its not enough to just have a site thats mobile friendly. The important part is that your website converts visitors into buyers. This is where we come in. Our modern websites are beautifully displayed on all devices and are designed to convert.

We have a large selection of layouts to choose from. You can choose a layout you like, send us examples of a layout you have seen elsewhere or we can build one from the ground up.

Quick, Fast and Effective

Have you ever stumbled across a website that was so slow to load?

This is very frustrating for your visitors and can cause them to leave your site and visit your competitors instead. Resulting in a loss of traffic and revenue. Our websites and hosting packages are all optimized to load quickly, giving the visitor the best user experience. If you think you’re having speed issues with your site, or just want to know how you fare on the speed test, get in contact with us today and we can do a free site audit. We can then send you a detailed report on how things can be improved.

  • Current Site Speed 50%
  • Potential Site Speed 100%
  • User Experience 100%

CALL +64 688 02015 For A Free Consultation

We can discuss your website requirements

Free Website Audit

Our free site audit service will help uncover any potential issues your website may contain. We will take a look at a number of different elements including; search engine optimization, user experience, site speed, image optimization, and a number of other elements that add up to a complete, functioning website. Anyone can use this service, it doesn’t matter whether you purchased the site through us or another company.

How Do I Know If My Site Needs An Audit?

From the outside, a website can look perfectly fine, but the real issues are in how the site is structured, what technology has been used to build the site, and when it was first built. Technology and the internet constantly changes and what worked last year, may not necessarily work today. The best thing to do is get your site audited so you can be assured that your digital asset is at it’s best.

How Does This Site Audit Work?

First thing is to complete our audit form. We will grab your website address and contact details and run through our auditing checklist. Once we have all the information, we will put together a report that is easy for you to read and follow, so you can understand what needs to be done and how we recommend doing it. Once we have finished the audit we will send you a detailed report to your email, outlining what’s working and what’s not and our recommended course of action.

What Do I Do Next?

Depending on the result, you may have a list of things that need to be addressed. There are no commitments once the audit has been done, you can choose to take this to your own webmaster or we can take care of the changes for you. If you do decide to use our services we will make contact with you to discuss the steps we are going to take and the timeframe involved.

CALL +64 688 02015 For A Free Consultation

We can discuss your website requirements

The Importance of a Mobile Optimized Web Design

It’s pretty easy to see that smartphones have made a dramatic change to the way people search for information online. With an easy 80% of people owning a smartphone, if you don’t have a mobile-optimized web design, you’re leaving money on the table.

The Benefits of a Mobile Optimized Web Design

How your site is displayed is a big part of the first impression of your site, and if you value the customer experience when someone lands on your site, then you know the importance of having a mobile responsive design.

The benefits go much further than just aesthetics.

There is also significant SEO (search engine optimization) value to be gained from having your site displayed correctly on smartphones.

Why is SEO important?

Because this is what determines your sites rank in the search engine. If your site is ranked position #1 for your target keyword, you would effectively claim 30% of the total traffic that keyword generates.

So for example if you were to target the keywords “Cosmetic Dentist Auckland” and lets say that keyword has a search volume of 1000 per month (this is just an example, and doesn’t represent the true number of searches), it would be safe to assume that you would get around 300 visitors per month for that one term.

What Kind of Impact Would This Have On Your Business?

Even if you could only convert 1% of the visitors for that keyword, you would have an extra 3 customers that month. If we still follow the cosmetic dentist example, with the average price between $900 per tooth, this would equal an extra $2700 per month.

Quite a dramatic increase of income!

 How Enhancing Your Site For Mobile Can Increase Your Monthly Traffic

As you can see in the image below, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. If you’re traveling, it’s much easier to grab your smartphone and conduct a search right there and then.

So what does this mean for your site?

If we keep in mind that smartphone users will have their GPS on. So Google knows their location and will deliver results based on that and they keyword they use.

You could be in Auckland, and search for “cosmetic dentistry”, and the results would be cosmetic dentists in Auckland. Why? Because the location of the searcher is known to Google.

What if my Site is not Mobile Friendly?

Google will always take preference of sites that provide the relevant information and have a great user experience. Having a non-mobile friendly site harms the user experience and ultimately changes how your site is ranked.

The traffic that does land on your site will end up leaving instantly, without looking at any other pages. This sends the signal to Google that your site is not providing adequate information to the searcher.

This is the whole goal of search engines, providing the best answers to questions.

Our Recommendation

The first thing we recommend is to test the site yourself. All you do is copy your website URL, in our case it is http://blackbeech.co.nz.

Paste it into this site: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and it will soon tell you if you’re mobile friendly or not.

If the results show that you’re not optimized for mobile then we recommend contacting the company that designed your site. They should be able to do the upgrade for you and the charge shouldn’t be too much.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we can do a full site audit for free. We will be able to tell you what improvements you can make to your site to help it rank better.

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We can discuss your website requirements

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