With Google’s focus on pushing unique, fresh, relevant content to the top of the search results, content marketing is becoming more important for your business. This is not just for big companies either. No matter what size your business is. Whether you’re a sole trader, small to medium sized company, or an organization that employ’s thousands of people, you need to have content marketing as part of your over-all marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a powerful strategy to improve your lead generation

Even Joe’s Plumbing would benefit from using this strategy.

I know what you’re saying…

  • “How can a plumber produce content several times a week?
  • “Surely no one wants to read about plumbing every week!”

No offense to plumbers, but I most definitely wouldn’t find plumbing particularly interesting to read about. Unless I was trying to figure out how to “fix” something myself.

In reality, if I am searching for how to fix something myself, then I’m not your target market. The goal is to produce content that relates to your target market.

So What Would I Write About?

It really depends on a few things, let’s take Joe’s Plumbing for example. Most people would assume the content would need to be all industry related. Some of it definitely can be, but it’s not what you would expect.

The content you produce needs to be:

  • Locally focused
  • Relevant to your target market

If I was Joe and I decided to do Content Marketing as part of my multidimensional marketing strategy I would write about local news and events (well, to be honest, I would employ a content marketing firm to do this for me).

My target market would be anyone who is a homeowner, landlord, real estate agents, renters etc. The topics I would cover would be anything relating to the above demographics.

Any changes in rates, insurances, housing costs, seasonal notices, would all be things people in my area would be interested in. If the topic could cause a public debate then I would definitely cover this and ask for people’s opinions.

How Many Times Would I Need To Post?

Again this depends on many things. Location, industry, population etc. This makes it even more important to get the guidance from a professional content marketer (I know, I’m biased, I’m a content marketer and I’m here for you).

Taking Joe’s Plumbing as an example again, at a minimum I would post an article once a week. Focusing on the topics mentioned above. This minimum applies to any business.

I don’t need to pitch my company or services in every post. 

People don’t like to be hard sold anymore (I know, I’ve plugged my own service a few times already haha).  With the increase of millennial homeowners / workers, this is vitally important because they would rather build a relationship with a company before they decide to purchase.

From there I would share it to my social media channels. I would post a link on my business Facebook page, encouraging people to visit, read and leave an engaging comment. Building a solid relationship with my readers.

I would also post 2 additional, short status updates. I would include an engaging picture. There would be certain images I would avoid (nudity, religion, politics).

We don’t need to be the reason behind an argument.

This publishing schedule would keep my page and blog fresh and consistently updated. Keeps my company relevant and in the front of peoples minds.

You need to be active to be remembered and with this posting schedule the community will start to look for my posts, and when the time comes and my pipes burst, I’ll remember Joe’s Plumbing and know exactly where to find him.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

I always recommend companies have some kind of blogging platform. Whatever platform you decide to use (I use a self-hosted WordPress), you need to make sure it is:

  • Branded after you or your company
  • Linked to your main site
  • Easy to find on your companies social media profiles
  • User friendly

I would also suggest using your own domain. I know there are free blogging platforms available. Weebly, WordPress.com, Wix etc, but there is one big problem when using these “free” services.

You don’t own them!

A website / blog is a virtual asset. They have a monetary value. Especially if they become popular and generate good traffic. To anyone who may be interested in buying your business, seeing active social media profiles and an established website is a big tick.

If you need a blog or website contact me here for a free consultation

This Sounds Like A Lot Of Work And I’m Just Too Busy!

I completely understand that!

You see, it’s in Joe’s best interest to work on the things he’s good at, and that’s Plumbing. Joe is not a marketer. He is a tradesman that is excellent at, well, plumbing.

Which would Joe rather be busy doing?

  • Staying up at night trying to write articles
  • Scrolling through Google, looking for pictures to share on social media
  • Sifting through local news looking for inspiration

or would he rather be busy:

  • Gaining more clients
  • Taking on more staff because of the demand
  • Doing what he’s passionate about – plumbing

If You Want It Done Right You’ve Got To Do It Yourself!

These days are over!

This was one of the major reasons why my first business, at the age of 23 failed. I came from “old stock” and was always taught that I needed to do everything myself. If you could learn how to do it, then just do it yourself.

This mindset is counter-productive and is crushing the growth of your business.

It would serve you better to delegate this kind of task to companies who specialize in this service. This way you can continue to work in your business (Joe can plumb to his heart’s content) and let the content marketers (like me) work on your business.

If you want to know more about how I use content marketing to increase client revenue please contact me here

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My name is Beau Michaels and I am the owner BlackBeech. We are a New Zealand based Web Solutions company currently working out of Blenheim, Marlborough. It is our goal to offer businesses the opportunity to harness the power of the internet and incorporate this form of marketing into their new and existing business.