There seems to be some confusion between these two terms. The majority of business owners think they’re one in the same and while it’s true they’re very closely related, there’s some definite division between the two.

identify the key differences between marketing and advertising

In fact, if you ask anybody, you will get a lot of mixed answers and a general state of confusion. Let’s take a closer look at the two, how they differ, and how they work together.

What is Marketing?

To explain this clearly we need to identify what each discipline is on its own. Shubhomita Bose, author from defined it nicely:

Marketing, in simple terms, refers to the means of communication between a company and its target audience. The American Marketing Association defines it as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Marketing involves techniques such as market segmentation, target group identification and market analysis to adopt the right strategy for customer engagement and product promotion.


Marketing is made up of many different segments that make up an entire process. It’s not just a one-time event, it is a strategy that involves many moving parts all geared towards specific goals.

So What is Advertising?

kaa_hypnotizes_shanti_gif_2_by_timb3rwolf444-d95kzu0-e1465007467231The depth of this subject is quite vast. I won’t be going into great depth of what advertising is and its motives (influencing & manipulating the customer, triggering insecurities etc).

The article below from simple.Wikipedia defines it as:

Advertisers influence our emotions by techniques that include stereotyping and targeting the audience according to who we are. Emotions are influenced by things such as this our occupation, beliefs, personality, self esteem, lifestyle, relationships, friends, how we look and what we wear. Advertisers use methods that attract attention.

Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas. An advertisement (or “ad” for short) is anything that draws good attention towards these things. It is usually designed by an advertising agency for an identified sponsor, and performed through a variety of media.

Ads appear on television, as well as radio, newspapers, magazines and as billboards in streets and cities. They try to get people to buy their products, by showing them the good rather than bad of their products.


expand-your-audienceSo really, advertising is a way for a company to gain awareness of their products and services. However, it’s not just about getting a sale.

It’s about expanding the companies reach allowing it to create a demand and expand to new audiences. With customers consuming media differently because of social media, smartphones, and other platforms, the need to expand your companies reach is essential.

How customers perceive your brand is another reason why companies would choose to advertise, especially if they are implementing reputation management.

So How Do You Differentiate Between Marketing & Advertising?

Advertising is a small part of the marketing process. It’s a single, tactical event, triggered to create an outcome. Marketing takes an overall picture of what needs to be done to achieve an overall goal for the company.

There is more planning behind marketing that goes beyond promotion, which is where advertising comes under.

A one-off event has their time and place like seasonal promotions, coupons, competitions etc.

The Main Reason Why You Need To Stop Advertising & Start Marketing.

I am a local marketing consultant, the majority of companies I work with are your general, small business owners.traditional-advertising-is-no-longer-effective

All of them have tried marketing their business in some way or another. It has generally been the traditional methods of advertising.

  • Placing Radio Ads
  • Ads in the Local Newspaper
  • Direct Mail

I have found a few that are a bit more adventurous and have ventured into Facebook ads. A bit of posting here and there on their pages.

The problem here is there’s no overall strategy. Placing ads in the paper every Thursday just because of  “what we’ve always done”, posting on Facebook every now and then because a “mate” advised them to is just not enough.

They’re basically throwing money at the wall and hoping something sticks.


stop-throwing-money-away-on-advertisingStop wasting your money!

Build a marketing strategy or find someone who knows what they’re doing, knows your customers, knows your business and can get the job done.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help your business grow.

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