Expanded text ads are coming to Google Adwords – here’s what that means for you. There are a few fundamental differences between standard text ads and expanded text ads.

fundamentals of expanded text ads

Several big changes were announced this year from Google concerning Adwords, but the expanded text ads (ETAs) are one of the most important. Essentially, expanded text ads have twice as much room for content than standard text ads.

For a further example, here’s an extract of an article by Larry Kim from WordStream:

Google Expanded Text Ads: 10 Things You Need To Know

Expanded Text Ads are 2x bigger than current text ads. The new ads are designed to maximize your presence and performance on mobile search results with a bigger headline and an extra long description. (And with a mobile-first mindset, whatever works on mobile is going to get applied to desktop too.)

Expanded Text ads will show across all devices – desktop and mobile – and will wrap automatically based on device size.

Google began testing Expanded Text ads in Q2 of 2016. […]

Here’s a before and after of what the ads will look like on mobile and desktop:

Read the full article here.

With the extra text space that expanded text ads give you, it’s important to rethink your current ads and adjust their message to make the most of the space. You should add in any information that will make your ad more attractive to consumers.

Take note that with your display URL you make it very clear where your audience will be taken when they click – you have two spaces to give this detail which should be enough for any case.

Because there is quite a lot to the change, here’s a video from AdWords’ YouTube channel explaining the vital changes:

While Google had previously said the ETAs would be in by late October, they’ve delayed this by a couple months. All your ads will need to be changed into the ETA format by January 31, 2017, which is when the old ads will be phased out.

There are a few things you can do to prepare and to note down for making ETAs. Google has released some information on their AdWords support page:

Guide to expanded text ads

Expanded text ads share a number of the best practices you’re already familiar with for standard text ads. But with almost 50% more ad text available and an additional headline, expanded text ads provide more opportunity for you to connect with users and drive more, qualified clicks to your website.

  • Rethink the messaging of your ad. It can be tempting, but don’t simply add a second headline to your existing ads. Consider the entire message that you want to present, taking into account all parts of your new ad.
  • Take advantage of your character limits. Expanded headline fields increase the clickable space of your ads, and allow you to communicate more to someone who’s searching before they decide whether to click through to your site.
  • Focus on optimizing your headlines. People are most likely to read the headline of your ad. When viewed on the search results page, your ad’s headline fields are combined using a hyphen, “-”. On mobile, the headline may wrap beyond the first line. Consider the different ways that your headline may show when writing your ad to make sure that your ad is compelling and easy to read on different devices.
  • Use ad extensions. Including information below your ad like additional deep links into your website or your business location has been shown to increase your ad’s performance.

Read the full article here.

In the coming months, prepare any ads you have and change them to ETA format so you don’t get caught behind when the standard text ads get phased out.

The new ads have a higher CTR (click through rate) and are mobile-optimized for a world that is becoming more and more mobile.

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