Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing are no longer guess games. If you know what’s working, you are in for more businesses. But if you have no idea what’s going on, you might want to go back to the basics of SEO.

One of the most important thing you need to do before 2018 is to update your website. But you might be wondering, why is updating a site even important? Some people think that updating a website frequently is not important, but that wouldn’t be solid SEO and Marketing approach.

Here’s why, we think, you should update your site in 2018.

We know that many SEOs out there do not agree to the frequent update policy. In reality, though, Google loves frequently updated sites. According to SEO Site Checkup, the bots are always searching for fresh content to crawl and add to Google index, hence a likelihood of higher rankings for frequently updated websites.

Google Loves Up to Date Websites

Of course, you should not make unnecessary changes, additions, or postings every hour of every day.  However, a site that is updated once a day, or at least two to three times a week, is considered a frequently updated site.  The “Googlebot” that crawls the web is constantly searching for web pages that are new or updated and then adds the fresh content to the Google index.  If you update your content often with reliable and valuable information, then you have a better chance of Google ranking your site higher with each update.

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But don’t just update your site for the sake of it. You need to do the best you can to provide valuable content. Besides pleasing the bot, remember also to make your readers happy.

Have you ever asked yourself why you keep losing search engine rankings? Web Trade points out that one of the most highly likely reasons why many webmasters lose their rankings on SERPs is because of the site being outdated.

Update Site to Boost/Recover Your Rankings

Search engine algorithms are by their nature constantly evolving and becoming more and more intelligent.  These days, search engines are weighing the amount of quality content on websites, more heavily. This means it is time for our clients to add new content to their website to maintain their SEO rankings.

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Outdated content is downright low quality content. And if you don’t have content that’s worth reading on your site, both user and Google won’t pay attention to your site. So, focus on creating high quality content and updating old content.

Last but not the least, Inc. advises that you make your website load faster. Of course, Google doesn’t reward fast loading websites. But it does penalize slow loading sites.

Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed

If your hosting service is slow and it takes more than 3 seconds to load your site or if you have heavy wallpaper image as your background and it won’t load on my phone, you’ve lost me and probably 90% of your user base.

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But more importantly, readers hate websites that take forever to load. So, pay attention to the speed of your website, and fix any speed-related issue as early as now.


As you update your website, remember you are doing so for two audiences: the search engines and people. You must make sure there is a good balance between the two, for as long as your website exists.

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