The Importance of a Mobile Optimized Web Design

It’s pretty easy to see that smart phones have made a dramatic change to the way people search for information online. With an easy 80% of people owning a smart phone, if you don’t have a mobile optimized web design, you’re leaving money on the table.

Responsive Website Design

The Benefits of a Mobile Optimized Web Design

How your site is displayed is a big part of the first impression of your site, and if you value the customer experience when someone lands on your site, then you know the importance of having a mobile responsive design.

The benefits go much further than just aesthetics.

There is also significant SEO (search engine optimization) value to be gained from having your site displayed correctly on smart phones.

Why is SEO important?

Because this is what determines your sites rank in the search engine. If your site is ranked position #1 for your target keyword, you would effectively claim 30% of the total traffic that keyword generates.

So for example if you were to target the keywords “Cosmetic Dentist Auckland” and lets say that keyword has a search volume of 1000 per month (this is just an example, and doesn’t represent the true number of searches), it would be safe to assume that you would get around 300 visitors per month for that one term.

What Kind of Impact Would This Have On Your Business?

Even if you could only convert 1% of the visitors for that keyword, you would have an extra 3 customers that month. If we still follow the cosmetic dentist example, with the average price between $900 per tooth, this would equal an extra $2700 per month.

Quite a dramatic increase of income!

 How Enhancing Your Site For Mobile Can Increase Your Monthly Traffic

As you can see in the image below, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. If you’re traveling, it’s much easier to grab your smartphone and conduct a search right there and then.

So what does this mean for your site?

If we keep in mind that smartphone users will have their GPS on. So Google knows their location and will deliver results based on that and they keyword they use.

You could be in Auckland, and search for “cosmetic dentistry”, and the results would be cosmetic dentists in Auckland. Why? Because the location of the searcher is known to Google.

What if my site is not mobile friendly?

Google will always take preference of sites that provide the relevant information, and have a great user experience. Having a non-mobile friendly site harms the user experience and ultimately changes how your site is ranked.

The traffic that does land on your site will end up leaving instantly, without looking at any other pages. This sends the signal to Google that your site is not providing adequate information to the searcher.

This is the whole goal behind search engines, providing the best answers to questions.

Our Recommendation

First thing we recommend is to test the site yourself. All you do is copy your website URL, in our case it is

Paste it into this site: and it will soon tell you if you’re mobile friendly or not.

If the results show that you’re not optimized for mobile then we recommend contacting the company that designed your site. They should be able to do the upgrade for you and the charge shouldn’t be too much.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we can do a full site audit for free. We will be able to tell you what improvements you can make to your site to help it rank better.