Live streaming of content is very popular. Not just for consumers but for business owners too. Facebook live is another tool to add to your multidimensional marketing approach. People love to connect with businesses through live streaming. It gives customers a “backstage pass” to see how your company operates on a day to day basis.

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So How Does Facebook Live Work?

Basically, you just log in to your Facebook account. You can use Facebook Live on your personal account or business page. If you’re promoting your business then we suggest broadcasting to your business page. Select “post” and you will see the option to “go live”. Click on that, add a description, set the video to “public”, and then click go live.

In this video from the Facebook YouTube channel, shows people using the live streaming feature:

As you can see in the video, streaming is raw and unpolished. People love this kind of content because the “marketing” aspect is gone. People hate being sold too so live streaming is a perfect solution.

In this infographic from, shows you how popular Facebook video has become and how it will continually grow:

image credit:

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As you can see in the image above, people are more likely to watch a movie when they know it’s live. As I mentioned before, people enjoy the seeing your business operate in a normal environment that is not staged.

Latest Facebook Live Updates Allow More Focus

With these latest updates you can now really dial in your marketing, and focus it on a specific audience. Having a broad, general marketing approach is definitely not effective and will never produce the results of a targeted marketing campaign.

In the following article authored by Tim Peterson for, reveals some information on the latest update and how they change the way we use the service:

Facebook now lets broadcasters restrict their Live audiences by age, location, gender

Facebook has quietly added an option for some broadcasters to restrict who can tune into a Live broadcast and another for never-ending live streams.

By default, if you’re broadcasting using Facebook Live, you’re doing so publicly for anyone to see. At least until now.

On Thursday, Facebook quietly added a new option for some broadcasters to restrict who can tune into a Live broadcast, which the company announced in a blog post published on its developer site.

Read the full article here…

How Facebook Live Can Help Your Small (or large) Business

No matter what size your business is you can implement live streaming to your marketing strategy. The bigger companies are already using this so you can too!

Even if you are a one man band, you can still leverage this marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you consider your service / product “boring”, what better way to inject some life into your business.

Let’s look at some different ways and examples you can use for your business:

Record on the Job

If you offer a service, you can record the process live and share it. This is a great way to show people the quality of your service.

For example, let’s say you are a builder, you could do short, live, progress videos showing the entire process. Viewers can see live that you put everything into your projects to make sure the client gets the results they desire.

Another great example would be if you run a gym. You could do a series of short videos giving exercise tips and guidance. This would allow you to engage with people in real-time. Answering their questions and strengthening your authority.

Promote New Launches

Announcing new product launches on Facebook live can increase product awareness and maximize the exposure prior to the launch date. You could use this to create anticipation and demand.

This is not just limited to product launches. You could also do this for any new services you may be adding, any upcoming promotions your company is doing. The options are endless and are only really limited by your imagination.

In Conclusion

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from implementing this marketing strategy. It has so many benefits that we feel its a must for anyone who is serious about marketing their business.

So we invite you to have a go at Facebook Live, it’s easy to do, takes a little time and will not cost you a cent. If you need a bit more information then please contact us for a free consultation.

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My name is Beau Michaels and I am the owner BlackBeech. We are a New Zealand based Web Solutions company currently working out of Blenheim, Marlborough. It is our goal to offer businesses the opportunity to harness the power of the internet and incorporate this form of marketing into their new and existing business.