It doesn’t matter whether you are a small online business or something close to fortune 500 companies. Because maintaining an online reputation matters for all businesses, regardless of the size. There is a reason why many businesses on the web spend big on reputation management. They care about what customers (would) think about their business model. And they do everything possible to have a positive public image. Wouldn’t you want to do the same thing? Because maintain a rock-solid reputation online is necessary for the success of your online business, here’s how you can do that.

Many online businesses fail to manage their online reputation the right way because they lack focus and awareness. Time Kelsey recommends that if you want to get along with your prospect and existing audience, staying focused and aware is necessary.

Step #1: Stay Focused and Aware

Listen to your customers and identify your target market. Use the Web to keep abreast of industry developments, competition, and news which could help steer how you act online.

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Staying focused is not about knowing what you want to do. It goes beyond your ideas for a niche market to actually understanding what your customers would want. In other word, it is about understanding your audience better, the same way you understand your business.

We can’t stress enough how important creating content is. In fact, if you want your prospect to find you and engage, you need to give them something to read and know about you. That’s why Social Media Examine suggests that you get busy creating quality content.

Step #2: Create Quality Content to Boost Online Reputation

Everywhere—on your website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Every piece of content including photos (and even videos now) is crawled by search engines.

When you create educational or inspiring content (and mention your name or your company’s name somewhere within), you’re essentially controlling your own destiny when people search for you.

Here’s the secret (come a little closer). The content can’t be ABOUT you. Helpful content wins. Think about the interests/passions/needs of your target community as opposed to your own.

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Creating content is not always easy. It takes time to put up a high quality piece of article. It takes even more time to create visual content that people would be interested in. If done right, the benefits far much outweigh the investment.

It is important to keep private things private. Look, your online platform is not a place you upload personal content, to say the least. In other words, and according to Susan Adams, you need to put up only what’s relevant for the public.

Step #3: Keep Private Things Private

All the experts say you should never post any pictures of yourself that you don’t want the world to see. What about my friend who posts frequent Facebook shots and videos of her adorable one- and four-year-olds, sometimes naked and playing in the bathtub? Stradtman says this is a bad idea because those pictures stand a chance of popping up when the boys grow up.

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Fortunately, every platform you use has privacy options. You can always decide what content people see and what they don’t. Keep private things private, please.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that maintaining an online reputation is not an overnight task. At least, it requires some testing, studies, surveys, and implementations. If done right, a positive reputation can keep your business right at the top of the list of businesses that get repeat and prospective customers online.

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