When it comes to creating an online business, two things are for sure. First, you must know how to send targeted traffic to your industry’s own website. Second, you must never let the traffic go to waste; in other words, make sure it converts well.

Let’s put it this way: Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization go hand in hand. They are a brother and a sister that can break or make your business, depending on the implementation strategy you use.

In the real world, a salesperson cannot generate sales without customers. On the internet, even the most convincing call-to-action button won’t lead to a sale if no one is vising your site. But assuming you are getting targeted traffic already, is the traffic converting well? We don’t you to waste your precious traffic, especially after months and months of hard work. That’s why you should consider these CRO techniques.

One of the best ways to increase your conversion is to increase site speed. This technique isn’t often talked about. But Invespcro advises that it’s important to pay attention to how fast your site loads.

Can Site Speed Boost Conversion?

You might already know that there is a direct relation between site speed and search engine rankings. As per Google itself, faster sites get a boost in the SERPs. However, research shows that improve in site speed can increase conversions. A Shopzilla study found that faster loading pages increased conversions by 7-12%. A Firefox study found that improving site speed led to a 15.4% increase in conversions.

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Here is the thing: website visitors hate slow-loading sites. And they will be more than willing to go to the next site if yours doesn’t work well for them. Moreover, slow sites don’t often do well on Google. While Google won’t boost fast sites, it will definitely penalize slow ones. After all, slow sites don’t have the best user experience.

Have you ever thought about how powerful visuals are? Many persons in the SEO community have argued, for a long time, that content with images converts better than those that don’t have visual content. An article on CRO on Forbes recommends that we use images because it is the most influential factors. 

Images Can Boost Conversion Rate

We now can focus more on landing pages. Let’s look at one of the most influential factors in conversions – images.When using images on landing pages, think of the psychology around them. What feeling would this image evoke? Is it a good compliment to the message?

I personally use Visme to create most of my images. They are stunning, help convert people and overall make your website look good. With that being said, with too many images or placed on the wrong pages, they can decrease conversions.

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It is hard for someone to spend a lot of time on a website reading a page with nothing more than just blocks of text. Human beings are attracted to visuals. If you add this to your content, you will more likely do better than sites that don’t have images.

Lastly, take content seriously. Neil Patel from Kiss Metrics advises that you should concentrate on creating content that can easily convert. Of course, this requires time and, most importantly, an understanding of your audience.

Quality, Focused Content Can Increase Conversion

Great marketing content has the ability to seamlessly blend conversion opportunities. Take a look at the example below for instance:

There’s a few things to keep in mind when developing new content to ensure you’re getting the most out of it in regards to conversions and SEO. First and foremost, your content should be designed for human audiences.

While it’s important to include keywords from an SEO standpoint, you quickly turn off readers with content designed for search engines that’s overloaded with terms. Remember, too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth.

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Creating content is not easy. It is not just about putting words on paper anymore. So, you should approach the whole content creation approach with a solid plan.

Final Thoughts

Implementing these techniques can help you change the direction of your business. After all, every technique discussed in this article heavily focuses on your prospect. And that’s a good thing if you are serious about doing business online.

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