Content curation can be a crucial component of a larger content marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t have a clear understanding of content curation and how to make it work effectively for their promotion efforts. Seriously, the last thing you would want to happen is alienating your readers with irrelevant curated content.

Add these content curation tips from Victoria Hoffman of Uber Flip to your marketing mix.

5 Tips for Efficient & Effective Content Curation

Work with your team to build and implement an editorial calendar that will act as the base of your social content. From there, build your curated content around it, taking into consideration your original content as well as the goals you need to achieve. Organization almost entirely depends on process. If content curation is an important part of your content strategy, it needs to be an important part of your team’s processes. Take the time to organize and truly understand your content strategy (and what it’s made of and how it’s executed) before building out your curated content mix.

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Thinking about content curation as a dynamic process injects brands into the question. Also, there’s nothing wrong in using tools in automating the process as long as you are actively involved before and after your content is shared. Take note, good content curation doesn’t end with a link that’s shared. It needs you to take one step at a time before you engage your customers.

Take a look at the following overlooked content curation strategies according to Ross Hudgens of Content Marketing Institute.

Overlooked Content Curation Strategies

Effective content curation highlights amazing content that readers have never seen in a way that adds value and impresses the original source. If you have a friend who’s super into music, you know how excited he gets when sharing a new, underground artist no one has ever heard of. You want to do the same but for content. Think of yourself as the hippest content DJ on college radio or whatever it is the kids are into these days. Share valuable content that people haven’t seen so you become the go-to place to find the best content. To build brand awareness and grow a following, you want to be a trend finder, a trend analyst.

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These content curation tips aim at keeping a broader customer network engaged with value-added content. They help not only in driving increased leads and pass-along awareness among brands. Basically, these best practices are primarily based on what the expert content marketers do, plus what they’ve witnessed scale well in the content curation efforts of their partners and clients.

Learn more how to vet, annotate, organize and present your information in a smart way with these ideas from Rachel Terry of Zerys.

7 Tips To Effective Content Curation

Choose Only High Quality Content. Your reputation as a curator depends on your ability to choose impeccable content. You’re the filter. Others depend on you to filter out the junk and promote the gems. This is what helps you to develop a reputation as a thought leader.

Be Consistent. If you curate only once in a while, you’ll lose your audience. To be consistent, create a curating calendar with specific goals. Maybe you want to curate twice a month. Mark your dates on your calendar and stick to them.

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With numerous methods to stay active with content curation, marketers don’t have to resort to passive ways to push their content the hard way. Instead, try the aforementioned tips to reap many benefits.

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