It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of social media sites out there, but your business can benefit from having a page on most of them, including a very popular social media platform called Pinterest.

using Pinterest to promote your business has several benefits

A platform you should consider turning interest to is Pinterest. This article on explains how Pinterest could work for your business:

The Large Untapped Opportunity With Pinterest

Whether it is pinning a desired wedding dress or ideas for decorating a new home, Pinterest is the destination where people plan their futures. It’s also an ideal channel to reach female consumers, although the platform’s audience of men is rising rapidly, as well.

On Pinterest, users only search for what they’re specifically interested in, and this provides advertisers with a high future intent audience to target with ads. This differentiates the social channel from others, potentially making it a better place to deliver targeted messages.

You can read the full article here…

Getting your ads to the right audience is something Pinterest has evolved to do, and as its number of users rise so does the number of potential customers.

Tim Peterson of explains how Pinterest’s ad-targeting works:

Pinterest will target ads to people who click on, save brand-related pins

Pinterest wants brands to feel like they already have an attentive audience to advertise to on its platform. So after adding the ability for brands to retarget people who visit their sites and use their apps with ads on Pinterest, the company is now introducing a way for brands to advertise to people who click on or save brand-related pins that are posted to Pinterest.

“Engagement data [like pin clicks and saves] show much higher intent and are more valuable than simply liking a page or following a brand’s account,” said Pinterest product manager Frank Fumarola.

According to Pinterest, people who have interacted with a brand-related pin, such as by clicking on it, within the past 30 days are 2.2 times more likely to buy a product from that brand than people who don’t interact with a pin related to that brand. Considering that 75% of the pins on Pinterest are brand-related, like pins linking to product pages, Pinterest thinks it offers brands a lot of opportunities to attract actual customers, which is also why the company is renaming its lookalike targeting option to “actalike” targeting.

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Also on, Greg Finn describes how simple and effective the promote pin feature is on Pinterest:

Pinterest streamlines Promoted Pin process with new Promote button

Pinterest’s new “Promote” button might as well have been labeled an “easy” button for advertisers. In a mere 9 seconds advertisers can go from viewing a pint to promoting it across Pinterest.

The new Promote button will quickly pull up the information from a pin and give brands everything they’ll need to advertise in a simple modal form. Once an advertiser clicks on a brand, they’ll then be able to input:

  • Campaign name
  • Destination URL
  • Daily budget
  • Currency
  • Campaign duration
  • Keyword targeting

Marketers will also see the maximum that they’ll be paying per click before they push live. Once the Promoted Pin is active, changes can be made in the Pinterest Ads Manager.

Read the full article here…

So when it comes to your advertisements reaching a specific and interested audience, Pinterest has got your back. As its number of users rise, so does your number of potential customers.

Pinterest is a business opportunity not to be wasted.

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