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We can discuss your website and your current SEO strategy

What Is An SEO Audit?

We run a series of checks and tests to determine how optimised your site is

Mobile Responsiveness

Being optimised for mobile is now a requirement set by Google. If your site is not mobile friendly then you may see a decrease in ranking and a loss of traffic.

Site Speed

Having a site that loads quickly is important for both the user and your ranking. We will look to see where you are losing speed and implement strategies to correct it.

User Experience

A site the provides the user with an awesome experience will improve ranking and conversions. Our tests will uncover any issues that may be there and provide the solutions to fix it.

Link Profile

It is important to have links pointing towards your site as it shows search engines that your site is worthy of sharing and ranking. We assess your current link profile and determine whether they are relevant and healthy.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Below is a collection of our latest marketing blog posts.

Top 3 Web Design Trends For 2017

Everybody witnessed a lot of amazing web designs last year, and we are so eager to see what is in store for us this 2017. This year will surely bring fascinating web designs, and if we try to look hard on it, we would surely be seeing more trends that will dominate...

CALL +64 688 02015 For A Free Consultation

We can discuss your website and your current SEO strategy

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